A perceived obstacle as a stepping stone

Hi Brooke,
I’m loving every minute of the Self Coaching Scholars! I have grown and have learned so much. Thank you. I wanted to share with you how the Model has allowed me to see a potential obstacle as a stepping stone to my goal. Currently, I have a great job as a Nurse Practitioner earning 6 figures doing something I’m very good at and I find very rewarding. However, a long term relationship just ended and I want to move to another state to be closer to my family (parents, daughter, 2 sisters, 1 brother in law, and 1 brother)in San Diego who all get along and enjoy doing things together. I have a goal to move in 2018, I’ve been networking and researching jobs in the field that would provide me with a bigger income as I am moving from a medium sized town to a big city. I have a buyer for my house already. I’m confident I would be hired sometime in 2018 and be able to relocate closer to family.
Then, just when my plan is progressing smoothly…..my boss throws a golden wrench in my plan! He offers to triple my income if I stay for 4 more years. I felt so blindsided. I felt he was being manipulating and I was resentful of his offer. Then I felt guilty for feeling anything less than stunning gratitude! So I used the model…….

C: My boss offers me a giant raise
T: He’s manipulating me. I feel stuck. I resent his timing. I don’t want to live here anymore. I’m confused.
F: Angry confused sad defeated
A: Stop networking, applying for license in new state, putting together my resume
R: Stay where I am and feel stuck.

C: Boss offers me a giant raise
T: Amazing bridge to the next phase of my life. I can do a familiar job and triple my income. I will be able to save for retirement. I can train to be a Life Coach while earning a big salary.
F: Lucky, grateful, appreciated, excited, happy
A: Pay off remaining debt quicker. Save a lot for retirement. Focus on Self Coaching instead of new job search, etc. Take my kids on a trip next winter.
R: Easy financial transition to my new life in San Diego as a Life Coach earning a large triple digit income!

This stuff works! I never would have arrived at the new Thought Pattern without your help!
Thanks Brooke!