Permanent urge

I’m following my protocol for 2 weeks (2 meals at 12PM and 6PM- no sugar – no flour).
I feel like I am in a permanent urge in the morning and between those meals. I am very hungry and think about eating throughout the day. I noticed that I looked at my watch every 10 minutes (even at work) hoping that the next meal is soon. But time doesn’t pass very quick …
Any suggestions?

Also after lunch, I am already very hungry 2 hour after. Is it because of the fasting? Or because I’m not eating enough?

I am excited about creating my own Urge Jar but do I put 1 bead for the whole morning urge?
I am curious about the reason why the urge doesn’t go away. I though allow it, observe it, notice my feelings etc…

Thank you for any advice 🙂