Physical pain

I have been having issues with physical pain symptoms. Many of these are related to injuries I have had, but some of them are not. The course is variable and the days that I have pain are very hard for me. I wind up feeling very disappointed and discouraged. I am an athlete and this prevents me from exercising the way I want to, which is also more discouraging to me. Exercise has also been a big stress reliever for me so when I am unable to exercise vigorously I really feel the loss of that. Anyway, this whole situation is creating a lot of unhappiness for me. I am aware that the situation is created by my thoughts, but I can’t seem to reframe things.

Here is a sample model:

C: My ____ hurts
T: I don’t want this
F: Discouragement
A: Buffer with food, avoid otherwise enjoyable activities which are painful, don’t train, don’t notice the good around me, get in a downward spiral
R: I create a life I don’t want

C: My ___ hurts
T: I have no way to feel better without exercise
F: Desperate
A: Hyperfocus on my symptoms, ruminate, do google searches for physical therapy plans, feel sorry for self, create negativity
R: I feel bad

Thanks for your help.