planning & accountability = results?

I struggle with planning my day and dividing my work into doable tasks. I have a history of procrastinating and am in the final semester of grad school (yikes!), and I have to get so much done. The scholars work for this month has helped me a lot, and I’m able to focus on my goal & compelling reason and keep going at it (less indulging). However, when I look at my results (e.g., amount of sections written or edits completed) given the time I spent, I didn’t really get it all done.
I waffle between trying to think positively: 1. “hey these are good results I went to work and got something accomplished”, and critically, 2. “ok, why didn’t I get it all done (too many breaks, distracted, etc)”. When I complete the model for each thought, I have positive feeling for 1, but am likely to call it a day & go home/to bed. If I look critically, I can sometimes find motivation to commit to one more task (with more drive) but other times its a downward spiral of fear/negativity. I recognize beating my self up and thinking the worst is not helpful, but I want to look critically at my actions and do what is needed to get it done.
Is it common for the a single thought to have different feelings/actions/results? Or are there suddle but different thoughts? Any insight on helping to reach maximum potential?