Please disregard my question from yesterday…I just figured it out.

Hi Brooke
I do not need an answer to my question I posted yesterday. I just listened to pod cast #156, #36, and #25 (homework) and I just realized that I am still giving my husband responsibility for my feelings and then trying to control him…oh wow…Once I truly take responsibility for myself and my feelings, and therefore my thoughts. I do not need a bridge thought anymore…T I am ok with my husband as an individual because I am responsible for my own emotional life, not him. (I almost feel like I need to mourn the fact that I have allowed myself to live like this for so long even though I know I am going to be in a way better place as I practice this (super interesting)). Pod cast #25 was truly inspirational…I think I will be listening to this weekly for the next little while as a gentle reminder. Thank you!!