Please help brainstorm thoughts for my work situation

First just want to thank you again and again for the program and for being accessible, answering all these questions. I would like your input on a thought that would motivate me to go to work. Over a year ago, we sold our small company to a large corporate. I have a 2 year golden handcuff clause. I was VP research, development and technology of the company, and have become marginalized- the President of the company now runs R&D and I report to him as a principal scientist. I have another 8 months to go before I can move onto something else.
I want to commit 100% of myself no matter what. I am in charge of a very interesting project (but that ultimately is overseen by someone else in another department- who could pull the plug at any time). My salary has doubled as well. But I still feel stuck
C- New company
T-I’ve been marginalized, people don’t respect me, I don’t matter, I will be squashed
F- dread, apathy, sorrow

C- New company
T-Ask myself, how can I help, how can I develop helpful relationships with others, how can I bring the best of me to serve the goals and people at this new company
F- not sure
A-not sure
R-not sure

wondering if you could help me here
thanks again and you are really helping me a lot