Podcast #172 Exercise – Past focused

yHello Brooke! Thank you for the amazing material, and exactly like you said in one of the video, as a new Scholar (I joined this month), I am feeling overwhelmed. I am trying to do the exercise for the podcast Past Focus Problems:
1. Name the ways in which you are past-focused: are these ways the currents thoughts supported or brought up by my past that limit myself?
for ex: I consider myself shy and socially awkward, an introvert (this is a convenient thought to try to stay invisible). Or I have no leadership qualities (and because I never had a substantial role as a leader in the past, it reinforces that thought).

But then for question 2. What in your past do you focus on or let define you that is negative? I feel it is the answers in put in question #1.
Could you help me with an example of answers for questions 1 to 4?

For question 5. What is the hardest thing to deal with from your past? I put alcoholism. It has been one of the most difficult thing I had to overcome in my life (2018 = 6 years without alcohol and I do not have any desire to drink today! It is still so weird for me when I start to think about it, because I really thought I couldn’t have a life without alcohol!).
So for question 6. What do you have regret about? I could put some bad or difficult consequences of my alcoholism? Would that work as regret?
Thank you Brooke!