Power of emotions – podcast homework (fear)

What are you afraid of?

I find it a hard question to answer.
I know that when I think ” I don’t know, I don’t have the answers” that the result will be I don’t find the answers.
But I find it hard to come up with an answer even when I think “let’s do this”.
Am I afraid to be honest to myself? Is it normal that it takes time to answer these questions – if you seem to be new to learning to feel these emotions and to think about them? What would be a ‘good’ way to come up with answers? Read the questions and come back to them later, observe when they happen in real life and then come back to them? or is this avoidance?
I do feel like I’m empowered in a lot of areas and genuinely don’t fear too much – that I could accept a lot of situations because life is 50/50, and I feel like I have already survived a lot of things so I know I’m strong and can take care of myself,

do you have any tips to commit to really do the homework?