Powerless snacker

I need to make some progress on the issue of eating after dinner. I have had success in the past with this but have found that more recently it has resumed and I would like to make some strides in understanding it in order to move through it. I think the emotion behind it is likely bored, restless or just simply habitual. Trying to be present and experience the physical sensation these emotions provoke has proved to be elusive though. It’s not a really strong emotion; more like a little hum just running in the background.  So I am finding it harder to be present with it if that makes sense.

My hope is that I can interrupt my brain DURING these moments when it offers me a barrage of thoughts like: I don’t care I want it, I’ll start tomorrow, less thinking more eating, why does my brain think it wants to eat right now, why aren’t I doing the work to interrupt my brain right now, why can’t I find a better thought, etc.? I often feel like my brain is a defiant child with the mindset of “you can’t tell me what to do”.

I just end up giving in during these times almost like being on “auto pilot”. I want to stop feeling so powerless over this and giving into my brain. I want to be the victor not my brain! With the barrage of thoughts there are multiple models but I’ve submitted one hoping you can help me see where I am getting stuck.

C: I have a thought about what to snack on after dinner
T: less thinking more snacking
F: powerless
A: eat snacks, ignore what I want, don’t listen to myself, make excuses
R: I give in and snack

C: I have a thought about what to snack on after dinner
T: my brain is just trained to think about snacking. I don’t have to be too????? (not sure this is where to start in rewiring my brain)
F: in control
A: slow myself down, don’t give into my brain, don’t snack, stay present
R: I honor my commitment to myself

I know the C isn’t necessarily neutral but I wasn’t sure what to put there because I wanted to convey the struggle wasn’t just the snacking itself but my brain automatically going into the mode of “what to snack on”. I can clearly see it when I’m observing it but my brain wins more often than I do and I am trying to get it the other way around if that makes sense.  Thanks as always for the help!