The pregnancy coaching – A big thank you

I was watching the call from last week that I missed and had to laugh when you were speaking with the pregnant woman. I too just found out I am pregnant with my second child last week and have been using that as reason to not believe my new thought around making a LOT more money this year.

This thought work has been very illuminating because I notice myself already getting ready to feel awful, and have insomnia and the mixed bag of experiences during this and the first year of that new little ones life that were part of my experience last time.

I keep letting myself use that as a fall back if I don’t follow through.

And yet, its also true that during that period of time I published my first book and then wrote AND published a second book before my daughters first birthday.

Thank you for the great reminder that you CAN do amazing things when you are tired and growing/ raising a human. So powerful to not only hear it but to have the proof of it from my own past.