Presentation at Work…getting over my fears!

Just a HUGE thank you…I’ve been working in scholars for 5 months. During this time I have also been working on burnout prevention in my family medicine clinic. Cleaning up my mind has helped me tremendously. Most exciting for me is the way I have learned to decide how I want to feel by choosing how I think. In the past I have always DREADED speaking in front of a group…tomorrow I am speaking to my whole organization. Here were my models:
C: I am presenting to my whole organization
T: It is ok to be scared
F: scared/nervous
A: hold back…stammer during presentation
R: turn red and get sweaty

intentional model:
C: presentation
T: I have so many great things to share with my group that will help others
F: confident/ excited
A: Rock the presentation
R: Help others! Blow my own mind!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!