PREVENTING issues rather than always responding AFTER the fact

Hi Brooke,

How do we move from simply being aware of our thinking and the resulting feelings, actions, results it creates to actually having authority over those thoughts?

I feel like all the work I do in myself is making me even more aware of how I have no control over my thoughts. I do the work, I run models, I think better feeling thoughts but I’m tired of always reacting to these thoughts. How can I prevent them?

I just created a huge issue and fight out of nothing with my mom. In this specific instance, I simply reacted like I always do (in anger) and my primitive brain was clearly running the show because it wasn’t until I sat down to do my morning thought download and models that I realized how quickly the situation escalated. This is my default way of building my awareness.

Sometime though, I watch myself reacting and it’s like an out of body experience where I watch it happening and I know I’m creating the feelings and actions with my thoughts and yet I feel like I have no power to stop it. I watch the situation like a runaway train and feel hopeless.

I know these are all thoughts mind you and of course I have power but my question is, how can I PREVENT this cycle from happening?

I know this is all a practice and I can’t expect to be a pro overnight and realize some situations are more challenging than others and we are all doing the best we can in any given moment, but with the most recent drama I caused, I could have so simply changed my thinking in the moment (I had time but instead spent 5 minutes working myself into a rage and then blew up on my mom) and avoided the whole situation entirely.

How do you transition from being aware, doing the work after the fact and responding in REAL TIME to prevent issues in the first place?

I feel so defeated, (I know this feeling will pass and that I’ll pick myself up and keep practicing this work) but I really want to work on this unconscious reflex to always react to my life and finally take back control and respond from a place of deliberateness instead.

How do I bridge the gap?

Thanks so much.