Hi Brooke. My first goal weight was 150, today I weighed 149. Listening to you I decided to go for 140 instead. I haven’t weighed this low in over 20 years. This program is amazing. What’s even more inspiring is I’m learning how strong, disciplined and precise I can be. I’m amazed because this goes against the thoughts I’ve had about myself most of my life. Thank you for your work. You’ve given me the tools to make some of the changes I’ve always wanted to make. Yay! I’m beginning to think I can have the life of my dreams, before I just didn’t even want to go there. What’s up for me now is the “money”. Wow just your first video brought up resistance and fear, but I’m willing to look and question my beliefs. It’s amazing how my thought was “this is the way money is” to “maybe I’m not right about that, maybe it was just a thought, like the weight was.” Thank you for providing so much for us in this program. Here’s my question for you, I’m 54…do you see many of your students make big changes this later in life?I’m guessing age is just a thought as well…. Just being this much more content is worth the monthly dues!