Puppy Wanted

Now that I am working from home, and will be a lot more in the time ahead, I have a desire to add a new puppy to my family. I have a much-beloved 5-year-old CockaPoo. I have wanted another dog for a while now, and it seems like the perfect time!
My husband does not want another dog now, he thinks one dog is enough.

C- Hubby says no to new dog
T- He tries to control me all the time
F- annoyed
A – pull away
R- feel separated from hubs, disappointed in his veto of my puppy idea.

I am trying on this model.

C- hubs doesn’t want a dog.
T- I can get the dog whenever I want
F- in control
A – wait to get dog until hubs is ready
R- feel in control and accepting of hubs

I admit I have thoughts like -hubs is limiting my control of my life. I am letting him be who he is and decide on his own. But- I want to re-introduce the idea again in a week and see if he is more agreeable to the idea. I do not want to give away control of my life (or perceived control?) So I like the thought that I CAN get the dog anytime I want.