Q: Sustaining the focus and commitment long term?

You’re not drinking, you limit your foods, exercise every day, have a family, run a business, manage people, set/pursue audacious goals, etc. etc.- how do you keep from feeling like you need to take a break from all of that FOCUS and forward movement? I’m not talking about hard work… I’d like to understand what your first step, incentive or incentive system was for dumping the buffering and fear of success and committing to constant, focused forward motion? I ask this because I’m a very focused, hard working person and have felt too “big” myself. In that in the past, I’ve set goals, persevered, performed, achieved and then, almost randomly, put my foot on the break- for whatever reason, I chose to pull away my focus. My most common excuse was that things were too repetitive and/or had gotten boring so I needed to mix things up by “pausing” for a while. This eventually became a full-stop and I lost all of the advances I’d made. I don’t want to do this again. This is the basis for the FEAR of FAILURE that is coming up for me. I don’t mind failing and getting back up. What scares me is repeating the pattern of touching my dreams and then turning my back on them and letting them slip away. What is/was your process for building the ability to maintain and sustain growth without feeling a need to back off or stop? What is the key to a mindset that has you keep going and going and going? Thanks, Brooke!