Question about resistance, fear and dares

Dear Coaches,
I originally thought the dares for this month should be big, bold gestures that really stir up the big fears (like fear of feeling humiliated by singing out loud in front of other people). But I’m realizing that something like procrastination or not following a protocol might be fear-based as well. For example, I’m putting off starting something new that I haven’t done before. Thoughts like “It’s too hard” or “Maybe I can’t do it” are generating the feeling I call resistance, which leads to procrastination/buffering. Could resistance actually be the fear of failure or the fear of feeling inadequate/incapable? I always think of fear as a big, vibration in the pit of my stomach. But resistance is sort of a tight feeling higher up. Are there different types of fear? Or is the resistance not even letting me feel the fear underneath it? Like a fear of feeling fear? I hope all this makes sense – any insights would be appreciated.