Question about setting goals

Hello Coaches!

I could use some help around choosing and setting goals. I had a question – what if my goal is around loving myself unconditionally? That’s what I really want. I set a $10k goal for my business this month, but I’m finding it’s only one piece of the bigger puzzle and I really want to dig in to what I really want — which is to:

– Have my own back
– Feel confident
– Feel empowered
– Have more self-acceptance
– Not wallow in shame, blame or guilt when I hit obstacles

Basically – I want to be my Future Self more often — or to continue to evolve into her – but I want to make a plan to get there! She is calm, confident and empowered and I channel her and ask her questions often, and I’d like to bring more of that into my life and embody her more regularly.

I know life is 50/50 and there are days I will be mean to myself and have self-doubt and negative emotions, but I’d love suggestions on how to make this into a measurable goal (or just series of goals)…I assume a lot of this is about practicing my Intentional Thoughts, but I feel like there must be more to it.