Question from call last night re: boyfriend

Hi Brooke!

I have been thinking about the coaching you gave Nicole (?) yesterday re: her boyfriend and his availability. As a single woman dating, I have broken up with men who didn’t have more time for me. I understand that they get to be who they are, and that’s great. Dating for me is about me showing up as me, and the guy showing up as himself, and seeing if we are a good fit…. And I’ve tried the approach of getting a “too-busy” guy to change and that has never been successful! LOL. I don’t do it anymore! But since I am looking for a man who wants to be in a long-term relationship leading to marriage, it’s important to me to be with someone who, as the months progress, makes more time in his life to include me. This makes sense to me. Am I missing something here? Would your coaching of me be different because I have a different goal (maybe) than Nicole? I am happy to spend a lot of time alone and have a full life myself. And I want to be with someone who is available to spend time with me…

My model would be:
C – Boyfriend available once a week
T – I should find someone else
F – Determined
A – Date others
R – Find a man who has more time for me

What am I missing?? Thank you!!