Question from TLM

Hi Brooke, I wanted to let you know how much my life is changing since I’ve discovered your podcast and signed up for SCS. First, I have lived most of my life with a victim mentality. I know this now. I grew up in a home where I was always in trouble, or trouble was around the corner for me (my father was legit crazy and would manage us by fear and intimidation). I have always been a people pleaser to try to gain favor and keep my life in harmony; I now know I have been a lier, meaning, I have squashed my essence and desire in order to “make and keep” peace with people. In every job I have had, I have strong female personalities who I am attracted to (not physically), but ultimately I become subservient and play a childlike victim role, then I become angry and buffer with food. There is so much more to tell, but to keep it short. and simple – I am uncovering all of this and making sense of it, and gaining some control and power over my thoughts (thinking deliberately). Now I want to take it to the next level, I want to fly! My imagination of what I can do and be seems so undeveloped because I have lived in such a small box for so long; how do I cultivate my imagination to help support a new and better future so I can “blow my own mind” :0) When I go to try to envision what could be, I come up short. I have a hard time imagining what I could become … everything wonderful that I want seems like it would be nice, but it is for someone else.