Question on a podcast episode

Hi Brooke!

Q for you. In podcast #146 you share that you can often tell when someone is going to be successful. I believe I can as well. In my mind, I see someone who exudes confidence, who doesn’t seem to be rocked by “failure” or by the things that don’t go “exactly as planned,” who is positive, committed, passionate, and an action-taker and I think “they’re going to be successful.”

My question is…have you ever been pleasantly surprised by someone achieving something that you might’ve perhaps not had considered as someone you might automatically think of as someone who’d be successful? I guess I’m just thinking, if we’re learning all of these tools and tricks and amazing ways to be and step into the best version of ourselves, shouldn’t these (with practice and application) make us successful as well? Does that make sense?

Thank you, Brooke!

Aliya =)