Question with Model

My son (7-year-old) was on vacation with his dad for 2 weeks (we are divorced and my son lives with me). When he returned home he started saying that he wanted to live with his dad. I know where this comes from: 1) he had a great time with dad, 2) getting back to normal live is not as exciting as vacation, 3) I am the “boring” one as I ask him to make the bed, eat healthy, etc. , 4) this conversation took place late in the day after the 1st day of school.
Nevertheless, I told my son that if he wanted he could but he would have to talk to his dad the next day.

When looking at the model I put together, based on what I felt and did, I don’t get the A- and R- lines match the T- and F- lines.

C- My son said he wants to live with dad
T- I can’t let him stay with dad for 2 weeks
F- frustrated, upset
A- I tell him that he can talk to his dad next day
R- I remain calm (outside) and tell him that I love him no matter what

I seem to be mixing models here but that was what I felt and did! What am I missing here?

Thank you