Questioning the thoughts

Hi Brooke,

I’d love your help with sorting out some thoughts in my brain.

I’m learning so much from you, and it’s really reshaped a lot of my thoughts, which feels like it’s reshaped a lot of my world. I think something I struggle with is using the model on everything.

For example, I was reading a study all about people across the world and how they feel more confident doing something after they’ve done it and shown themselves that they can do it (which I think is a human experience). Or: how we have a sense of accomplishment after we do something hard.

I know C > T > F, so the thought we have about completing a hard task may be “I did it!” and the feeling is accomplished. It feels hard to say we can feel just as confident or accomplished by not doing anything but think a thought? Why does creating and doing things deliver us such powerful thoughts then?

I also find my brain wondering about the things I am learning. Is all of this info thoughts too? What is truth? I hope I haven’t lost you here. I know my brain is searching for certainty. It wants to feel safe and having a concrete plan/rule book makes it feel safe. I’d love to know your thoughts about this. I feel like I am running everything through the model and can’t just let things be.