Rejection 2 + Co-parenting

Thank you Brooke for showing me where I was having error in my thinking about my step daughter. It was very helpful.

So, as I’m sitting here doing this work now, in preparation for her visiting tomorrow for the next three days, I came across another obstacle in my thought work. How do I help address he rude and disrespectful behavior to help co-parent when I’m struggling to have loving thoughts about her?

It has been expressed heavily to the therapist and her mom that this little girl HATES me, to the point that she want’s to be adopted by her mom and step dad, when before the divorce she was “daddy’s little girl”. I know it hurts my husband so badly. Unfortunately, I’m not helping the circumstances in any instance because I can barely have a “loving” thought about her.

An example I try to help co-parent with; often times she doesn’t acknowledge my presence, she will walk into a room look right past me and start talking to her dad, and when I say “hello” she says it under her breath so quietly I can barely hear it and comes off rude.

C: She quietly says hello
T: She should know that being disrespectful to other humans is not an option. Period.
F: Annoyed
A: I walk away passively
R: I let her affect me

How do I show up as a team mate for my husband in co-parenting, make space to correct her OCCASIONALLY when I don’t have a feeling of love? Is it possible?
Thanks Brooke!