Resistance to positive thoughts.

Hi Brooke,

I am new to scholars and am very excited to be here. I love love love your work and appreciate all that you are doing trying to help the world. Big loves from the UK.

My problem is that I have been practicing the model and doing thought downloads. I write new, more serving, thoughts down and practice saying them to myself in place of the old negative thoughts. I try and pick thoughts that feel good/true for me and sometimes, if I can’t believe the positive, I state the facts. I am trying to make subtle changes and doing the laddering. However when I have been practicing this my husband tells me I have been more negative, i guess because I am focusing on all the negative in my life. So I must not really be believing the positive thoughts/facts?? I so badly want to feel better. I know I do resist compliments etc and I find it difficult to accept new more positive thoughts. Especially when the reality is very different. Do you have any more advice or tips on this to make this process easier? How can i stop resisting the new positive thoughts? I am worried that if I keep practicing, then I will just be cementing the old negative beliefs/thoughts if I don’t believe the new positive thoughts.

Thanks in advance x