Same results with many different thoughts

Hi Brooke –
I am new to Self Coaching Scholars and so excited to be here! I have been a student of personal development for about 4 years, but I have had trouble implementing a lot of the knowledge into my life and creating sustainable change. I have big goals and aspirations and a strong urge that I can be so much more and have so much to offer the world, so I’m excited for self coaching to help me get over the hump.
As I’ve been doing the thought downloads and practicing the model, I see that so many of my thoughts are creating the same feelings, actions and results. It pretty much looks like this:
C: Accumulated debt due to my inattention to my businesses
T: I am not good enough, People will think bad things about me, I will fail, I’ve tried so many times and haven’t really changed, Who am I to think I could do something big, I am so far behind, People won’t take me seriously, etc. (seriously, I could list 100 thoughts I consistently have about not being where I want to be)
F: Shame, Anxiety, Worry
A: Buffering/ Inaction
R: I don’t progress in my businesses

So I’m curious how to best use the model when I have a laundry list of negative thoughts that all produce the same results? Do I try to tackle each thought individually or do I try to find a true replacement thought for all of those negative thoughts that produce the same results? I would love to be coached on this.
Thank you!
Sue E