Reworking identity around the evenings

Hi, I was hoping to get some coaching around my evenings. I have been stuck in a rut with the same evening routine and I want to mix it up a bit. I cook dinner, feed the kids, put them to bed. Although there is nothing wrong with this, I want to challenge my brain to mix it up a bit.

C Schedule activities in the evening
T Its way too cold and dark to do anything
F Complacent
A have the same evening routine, dinner, bed, read
R No growth

C Schedule activities in the evenings
T I have the same amount of energy I had this afternoon, my brain is conditioned to think “I am too tired” after 6 pm
F Aware
A schedule new activities a few times a week to decide if I like the experience
R Growth

I have a facial tonight at 6 pm and instead of being excited about it like I would if it was 2pm (like a self care) my brain is offering dread. Like you don’t want to go out there, its too cold, etc. BUT I do want to go! Any coaching is appreciated.