Right and wrong

Hi Brooke
I was sharing what I’m learning in SCS with a friend and the counter argument my friend brought up is the idea that there is morality and right and wrong and capital T Truth which is decided by God. He asked how do we decide a murderer should be locked up if there isn’t right or wrong and I didn’t know what to say.

I kind of see his point. He is catholic and uses different language for things that I don’t personally have or use or really even understand. I find this fascinating and I believe that religion is another framework through which to understand our lives and some of those thoughts and beliefs given to us by religion can be helpful and not. Like the idea of sin and having to go to confession. Trying to wrap my head around it.

I kept saying that even though everything is driven by our thoughts, we can still choose to think that murder is wrong and we can want to think that. Its like if we think of other countries like I think Denmark is one that really believes in helping people who have taken actions such as murdering to come to a more loving place. Which is not at all what we do in the US. I think this illustrates how our thoughts about the people who take these actions drives how we “deal” with them by locking them up or educating them or anything else. Can you explain your beliefs on this so I can understand and articulate it better for myself?