Running down the highway naked

I just want to say how much I enjoyed this post regarding harry Houdini. I completely agree with the writer about how it’s important to not worry so much and enjoy our lives. As one of your older students I can attest to the fact that most of what I worried about doesn’t matter a hoot now. I had a business I loved very much and was very successful at and through circumstances I lost that business. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful because I was for almost 10 years. Also worked for a major corporation in a high-level management position and loved that job as well and after a few years had a boss who took a dislike to me and lost that job as well. I truly thought I was going to die both times. I read your younger students struggling and remember those feelings. It’s all a journey folks, and one to be enjoyed. Know that if you make the correct decision at every choice point you will end up where are you were meant to be. While it is a little disconcerting to realize that we won’t be remembered four minutes after we die it’s also an important point to keep in perspective. I love you and your students Brooke! DMc
P. S. I haven’t forgotten about harry Houdini …ha