Sales & Value

I need help unpacking what is the what here –
Working to coach myself on it, have seen parts of it for sure and processed embarrassment.

So had sales consult – she said no I didn’t really sell her I got nervous.

So I call her back later and sell her –
Well 1 – I said I love you at the end of the call lol – (we do know each other & do love her but it was not what I would have preferred to show up as in that moment) –
2- the other thing is I promised her a result

So – something about not believing completely that my coaching is of value to her…
– something about that if people don’t do it then they won’t get results and then blame the coaching

So – trying to separate this and get clarity and the next steps to value what I offer….

I like the thought “my coaching is valuable and it’s up to the client if they want to take it to get results… “

Would like to make it stronger….