Saying goodbye to friends question

Hi Brooke,
Loving the podcasts this month! I have a friendship that it’s time to say goodbye to. I am at the place where I feel love for this person but recognize that the relationship is complete. I choose to say goodbye to it because I wouldn’t choose to invite it into my life at this point. I want to prune the good to make room for the great!

My question is around how. In the podcast, you say that we need to have conversations around relationships changing/ending instead of just letting them go. I’m not sure how to proceed with that part of it, while still acting out of kindness. This person spends a lot of time in victim mode. While I know that her thoughts and emotions are her responsibility and not mine, I don’t want to give her another reason to cry and tell herself that the world is unfair. Telling her, “I don’t want to spend time with you anymore” seems unnecessarily hurtful (yes, I know her thoughts about what I say cause her feelings, but still!).

What can go wrong if I don’t have a conversation with her about how the relationship is going to change? If instead, I just decline invitations to have lunch and let the relationship fade away?