Saying no and loving it. Siw

As a recovering people pleaser, saying no still feels scary. Still, I know I can’t control how other people react, it’s none of my business. They get to think and feel however they want about me. I can let them be wrong about me. It doesn’t affect me at all.

A friend just asked me to watch her kids early in the morning, and I didn’t even consider saying yes. I normally would, but right now my priorities are to avoid migraine and work on my thesis. Changing up my morning routine is like asking for a migraine to hit me, and killing off yet another work day on my thesis. No. I’m not gonna do that. I am not ignoring my calendar and priorities to solve another persons calendar problem. I am honoring my commitments to myself.

Wow. That totally wouldn’t have happened before SCS.

People pleasers are liers, and I ain’t got time for people pleasing and lying. My time is my most valuable resource, and it is already allocated in my calendar.

I love this work. Thank you.