Over-Scheduling vs. Constraint

I have joined recently and am experiencing internet buffering, online shopping as well as overeating, all due to my fear and doubt of my inadequacy to write a novel.
When I schedule on my calendar what to do in a day (I don’t have a day job), a day look something like this:

5am – 5:30am Meditation
5:30am – 6am SCS Workbook
6am – 8am Reading
8am – 10am Writing
10am – 12pm Watch SCS recorded call/videos
12pm Lunch break
1pm – 2pm Walk outdoor
2pm – 4pm Writing

And when I look at this calendar each evening I dread it. I never do the writing, I often lookup things online instead, trying to find the answer outside of me, or I eat something, or I shop online, I also never end up taking the walk.

I am not sure if I overwhelmed myself with over-scheduling. You spoke about constraint and I am not sure I am doing it right.
Any suggestions?