SCS progress 2

As per my earlier question regarding self coaching progress, I know we pick one thing to focus on, for me starting my art profession is the thing I want to work on.

In terms of self-coaching tools/courses, how do I know if I am done with one course and can move on to the next one? Is it monthly basis? For example, I have done the Live my purpose course, and I got more clarity for that, but I don’t revisit my purpose everyday in my practice, and not sure if I’m done with it and can move on.

I have started Monday Hour One, however, I am not quite master it yet as I am still not meeting the goals set in the course or being truly consistent with my schedule, does it mean I can’t move on to the next course such as ‘Achieving my goals’ or ‘Believe in New things’ etc?

I am unsure my self coaching progress or how to evaluate that so far after 3 months in SCS and I wonder if I need to end the program and to find a life coach instead.