SCS Work

Hey Brooke, I’ve noticed these thoughts come up this week since I’ve been doing my model work and asking for help in Ask Brooke.

C: SCS Work
T: I feel like I should have a better understanding of the model by now.
F: Defeat
A: Beat myself up, spin in thoughts when I do models, be in confusion, (At some point stop doing models)
R: ?

C: SCS Work
T: It’s not helping and you still barely understand it.
F: Shame
A: beat myself up, spin in models, allow confusion
R: Not allow myself to learn something new?

To be honest, I’m a VIP scholar and within the past month I’ve really starting dedicating time to completing my daily work. My mind wants to go to beating me up and saying that it’s not helping. Just all mental drama right? In a way I do feel like I should have a better idea of the model and my results. I can just notice that thought right? I’ve tried to move to this thought – I’m teaching myself something new, so it may take time to get the model right and that’s okay.