Self Coaching Scholars Success

As I’ve been doing the work in Self Coaching Scholars my results have not been what I expected – in a good way.
I have been a fan of the podcast from the beginning, but scholars has taken things to a whole new level.
I am a teacher with a steady, secure paycheck. After 15 years I still loved my job but wanted more. In January, I looked for something that I could do while teaching and also help others. So…I became a Notary! I did it…there is something else out there!
I didn’t stop there… I have since decided to help other teachers thrive and create a joyful classrooms with a blog…and by writing a book…and by becoming a coach. I’m SO excited!!!!
There was also another (strange) unexpected change that came about by doing my work in scholars. In the past, I had a fear of dogs. In March we got a puppy and I took him to obedience training with A LOT of other dogs. I leaned into my fear and didn’t die. ( : In fact, I enjoyed it very much.
The changes in my life have been amazing and I am so thankful.
Love you Brooke!