Self-confidence for Q1 Fail

One of my 25 fails for this quarter is to post on Instagram that I am looking to build my portfolio and for a discounted price I will make someone(s) a Responsive website for their business.

This is something that I keep thinking will happen near the end of Q1, but in my download today it popped up.

The thought that came up for me is that I do not want people to look at me or judge me for what I am doing.

This week during my Coaching session, I was helped to realize that one of the reasons why I wasn’t as motivated to take action towards my goal is that I stopped focusing on the Now and the joy and excitement of creating, and I started looking outside myself and thinking of what other people must be thinking of me and my actions or lack thereof. So I am once again seeing a similar thought pattern now with instagram.

Here is my Unintentional Model

C Instagram
T I don’t want people to judge what I am doing
F insecure
A not post on Instagram . When I do make a post buffer with not knowing how or what to write about the post. Put off posting. Buffer with finding other ways to market myself but not committing to any of them.
R I am creating a sale person for other people to like me
R I don’t like this false persona I am creating for other people

I am trying to create a thought that will help me focus more on if I like what I am doing it or concentrates more on my why I am even doing it in the first place.

Intentional Model
C Instagram
T ?
F Self-confident
A I give myself as set amount of time to choose a pic or video or description to post and post it. I wouldn’t turn off notifications or avoid instagram. I would schedule it in to check instagram to see responses. I would have a plan on what I will do with the feedback I receive (yes I want a website or no response at all or even encouragement)