Self sabotage II

I asked about self sabotage previously. I get to a certain point and then fail. Weight loss never below the 170s. I’ll go up to around 220, lose 40 lbs and then won’t keep going. This is my third cycle- I didn’t go back up to 220 this time- I stopped at 189 from 172 and working back down currently 183. I plan to be 179 or lower when I show up at the Modlethon on the 23rd!
I’m very excited to be in the 170s meet and coach with you and figure out a solution down lower. There is a mental block keeping me from going below 170. I haven’t been in the 160s since early high school.
I also hope we can talk business. My business is going so well and then I feel scared to take the next steps.
Anyway, I’ve been with you since August, just bought my flight and looking forward to meeting you in person.