Self-sabotage pattern

Hello! I’ve noticed a pattern in my life of self-sabotage. Sometimes it’s small like knowing I need to buy coffee and waiting until I’m all out. I then order it and have to wait 10 days for the Nespresso delivery. OR I wait to get a hair cut (both have the thought- It’s too expensive). It can be medium where I wait to pay a bill until it is overdue even though I know I need to pay it. I let it bounce around in my brain causing pain. It can be bigger like not going to the dentist for a few years and needing expensive care. It can be about my new coaching business and feeling like crap and that I have no clue what I’m doing. The end result for all of the self-sabotage is that I judge myself.

I would like coaching around this pattern of self-sabotage (my T) and ways to disrupt it as well as the harsh self-judgement I have about the pattern. Thank you!