Set Off by ALL Feelings

Hey Brooke,

I did a Model this morning, and I would like some feedback from you, please.

I realized that any emotion I feel, whether good or bad sets me off and I want to get something to eat or drink to “soothe” myself. If I’m happy, then I want/need something to celebrate if I’m angry, scared, overwhelmed, or bored (any feeling) I want/need something to comfort me.

C: Dealing with Any Feeling
T: I want/need some coffee with sugar and cream (what I’m craving
right now)
F: Happy, sad, scared, overwhelmed, bored (any feeling)
A: Get something to eat/drink
R: Gain weight and erode self-confidence

Okay, so I did the brave stuff and put it down on paper, and I’m facing it. How do I stop the action without fighting with the thought and the feeling? I think I’m missing something with the concept you talk about “sitting with the feeling,” or maybe that’s not what is needed. I don’t want to say I don’t know what to do, so I will say, PLEASE help me with the next steps. There HAS to be a way to dominate this!