Set up

I got an email from one of my course members titled ‘Set up’
She said that I had set her up in the group call and she didn’t appreciate it.
I hadn’t.
What had happened was that she had asked a question in the comments section of the course. I said it was a complex issue and so I said ‘Let’s talk about it in the group call’. When she asked her questions in the group call, she only talked about half the issue. And so I asked her if she felt comfortable sharing what she had written publicly in the comments section. At the time she seemed happy to do so.
She got lots of support and resource from me and the other course members. I did notice she didn’t like the suggestions.

Then I got her email on Saturday saying I had set her up. I felt physically ill.
I have run through models and

C. Group member sent an email titled ‘set up’
T. I have done something wrong
F. deep dread, fear,
A. Can’t stop thinking about it, trying to figure out if I did do something wrong
R. Feel physically ill. (feel sick, headache, anxious)

I haven’t replied yet, because I want to feel better before I do.
Any advice would be gratefully received.