Should I say nothing?

Back to my husband’s drinking… I’ve been making some good progress and have been able to do models in the middle of the night when I’m feeling upset.
Last night however I talked to him about how I was feeling a bit grumpy that he was still drinking so much (he has talked for a long time about reducing) and that, although that had nothing to do with him, I wanted to tell him how I felt. He understood and the conversation was fine but then after I went to bed he proceeded to drink even more than he usually does.
I feel like this is a pattern with us, and I almost feel like his mum when this happens. i.e. I told you not to do something so you rebel and do it even more!!
I feel like in order to save my own sanity, I may as well just not say anything about how I feel about his drinking – but what kind of a relationship is that? But if it ends in me feeling better rather than worse, based on the circumstances of how much he drinks, maybe it’s the best option? Thanks!