WARNING: Prefrontal cortex on the loose. Suspect may be armed with negative thoughts and cause unnecessary feelings!

Hi Brooke,

My name is Lauren. I am a registered nurse practitioner looking to become certified as a life coach. I am currently on the waiting list for the September 2017 certified coach training in California.

Here is the thing…… this morning when I went for a run I was listening to your podcast (#100) and I kept hearing you say “no is the beginning” and how much not accepting “no” as an answer has made your life so much richer.

After a few hours of pretending like I was cleaning my house (although I was really trying to muster up some courage) I decided to e-mail Jody in regards to my desire to help others and inquire about being on the waiting list and what the possibility is of still being accepted for the September class. Every time I pushed the send button an error message occurred (which of course caused the frontal lobe of my brain to immediately jump up and down while shouting “See… I told you just to give up and not send that e-mail).” After 3 unsuccessful e-mail attempts I still wasn’t giving up, so I chose to send the e-mail to Erika too (take THAT prefrontal cortex)!!

Then this evening when I checked my e-mail and read your message about showing up I couldn’t help but wonder what an amazing opportunity I would be missing if I didn’t show up for the coaching certification in September. Not only because I will learn so much about how to apply the model and how to coach others, but also the opportunity to be a part of the last coaching certification taught by you. So my question to you is….. CAN I PLEASE SHOW UP???

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards from one of your MANY friends,