Snitching while baking

I love the idea of baking as a creative pastime. And lately I’ve been watching the Great British Bakeoff and wishing I could make fun creative treats…but the thing is, I don’t trust myself to bake. I have a sweet tooth, I already struggle with overeating sweets and my habit while baking is to snitch food while baking. (Think gobs of brownie batter or whatever.) Over Thanksgiving I made a pumpkin pie and ate tons of the pie crust dough, which was just made of flour + butter, a disgusting habit. So, I don’t trust myself, so I rarely allow myself to bake.

I do this “snitching” while cooking too, but I usually cook healthy food for example recently, lentil soup. I might “snitch” some carrots, but that isn’t very detrimental to my bottom line.

One thing that has actually helped is having Invisalign, which has prevented me from eating while cooking.

Right now it feels very hard to me though, to imagine baking but not snitching while baking. So the best option I’ve found is just to not bake at all.

Is it possible for me to get to a place where I could bake, but not snitch while baking?