Something I’ve noticed about myself.

Even though weight loss is the main thing I’m trying to conquer in my life, I find that I am just as intrigued with all your business stuff just as equally as I am the weight loss.
And this is just weird for me…! I am NOT a business owner, a go-getter, a makes my own money kind gal at all! (My husband is more the alpha in our marriage) so I find this so odd for me!!
But then I realized that I’ve been picking up on the business ideas and relating them to how I “run” my body. I noticed that what I was really doing was using the attitude of bringing value to something to my own body and self.

So who knows? Maybe once I learn how to “run” my body properly (and with ease) then maybe I can create a life where I can take on more things?

I really just wanted to throw this out there. This whole “getting to know myself” has been very eye opening!

Am I on to something here?

Do a lot of people who have been through this program do things they never thought they could?

I admit I have a lot of thoughts that are holding me back from dreaming too big, but I will say that I am conquoring them 1 by 1.

Thanks for any input.