Specialty Drink

Usually 2-3 days a week I’d stop for a specialty coffee (w/calories) on my way to work. Sometimes I think I just want to feel special or something to make me feel good.

Since starting Scholars I rarely stop. If I do stop for a coffee it’s a flavored black coffee which I love. I’m applauding myself for sticking with my protocol, but that doesn’t stop the thought when I get in the car and drive.

I used to get a caramel mocha but the flavor/ingredients were so inconsistent that I never knew if it was going to be good or not. So, my thoughts:

I don’t do it because it’s not on my protocol
It’s money spent that I don’t need to spend
It’s not always as good as anticipated

But… I think about it all the time. Is that normal? Will the desire go away? What should I be teaching myself to make it easier to resist?