Hi! I’ve been working with the Urge Jar and after listening to the First Call, I’m wondering if anything spontaneous is always driven by the primal brain and wanting immediate gratification- and if so, is that always a “bad” thing (if I want to live my best life in the best version of me?)

For example, I read through another question where someone had asked if they can write down 2 options for a meal and then choose one of them when the time comes. The coach’s response was along the lines of: “be curious around why you want to give so much power to your primal brain!” And I’ve been trying to do that but haven’t gotten anywhere! Lol. If I write down 2 options that I’m happy with and that are in synch with my goals, why is that a problem? Because I am giving my primal brain the final choice which will be based on instant gratification- vs fully committing to developing my prefrontal cortex? Aka, spontaneous decisions are always giving in to the primal brain which we want to avoid?

Lastly, I was doing Intuitive Eating and a part of that is tuning into your body and how you feel and what would nourish you best at that moment. Once I was into the gentle nutrition phase (recalibrated my hormones) I felt I was able to pause and make “good” decisions in the moment. After learning about all this brain stuff, I’m wondering if it was just an illusion since anything “in the moment” (under 24 hrs in advance) is driven by the primal brain. I think I’m finding this difficult because I had no idea about the way the brain works… and planning in advance, etc. seems to go against the tenants of what I was practicing for so long… and as a very UNplanned person, I’m realizing that it might have been my way of accommodating my difficulty with planning and sticking to a plan… versus actually committing to change.

Love everything and Brooke’s comment saying something like “You either want to change your life or you don’t. That’s it. Plain and simple.” was truly eye opening. Thank you and thanks for helping me clear this up. 🙂