Stay at home mom

I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s been my deep desire that I’ve never said I’ve wanted until recently. My husband and I now are at a place where I can quit my job and stay home with my babies. When I think about being home with them I feel a sudden wave of crying and tears. I’ve wanted this more than anything and finally, it’s here. I could quit any day but I still haven’t given my notice. Why am I crying? I’m not sad, maybe I am so grateful? Shouldn’t I be ecstatic and excited my dream is coming true and throwing in my notice to quit asap?

C About to quit my job to be at home with children
T I’ve wanted this more than anything in the world
F ? Love? Gratitude? Maybe sadness and grief for my old self who didn’t have this and who worked when she wanted to be home?
A Wave of tears and emotions come. Since I’m at work I don’t cry, get busy cleaning, look at my finances to make sure we will be okay if I quit, ponder my options with finances. Think about when to quit and give my notice, should I stay or go now.
R ? still wanting this more than anything even though it’s right here for my taking now.