Stop doing maths

Since I set myself the impossible goal of making 100k € in 2021, my brain first gave me a thousand ideas to achieve it. And since then, he hasn’t stopped doing math.
Example: I could find 1000 clients at 100 €, or 500 to 200 €, or organize 100 days where I will have 10 clients at 100 €, or … etc.
But I heard Brooke say in a call “stop doing maths” …
When I program my 25 failures, they still look like math: “find 30 women to photograph, 30 families, 30 …”
I have the feeling of dispersing myself … of running too many objectives at once contained in one!
Should I do like the coaches you train, find a niche in my business and force myself to do so in order to have more concrete, more targeted failures to program? Or focus first on my actions to find these 30 women, for a month, then the 30 families the following month, then 30 babies, etc.
Better organizing my epic fails would actually seem to allow me to be more productive.
Can you put me on the trail of a model to work on?
Thanks for your help.