Struggling with Autoimmune Exhaustion – and What I Make it Mean

Hey coaches,

I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and working with doctors on healing it. But the meds are making me more exhausted than the illness was, and I’m realizing this is a longer, scarier journey that I was gearing up for.

I’m also noticing that I’m conflating the illness with sadness about a guy I dated who’s moved on – and turning it against myself, as someone who is unlovable/undatable because I’m sick and exhausted.

I know “technically” this is just a thought, but it feels so true. And it makes the illness and exhaustion even scarier since now I associate it with loneliness. I’ve also been canceling plans with friends for weeks now, as I’ve been so sick and tired.

Can you help with bridge thoughts or ideas on how I can help myself out of this?