Studying past podcast episodes

Hi Brooke!

I was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate studying of your past podcast episodes during SCS. They are all sooooo good but there are a few that really resonated with me and I would really love help and support in figuring out how to make a plan to apply/practice the concepts in my life similar to how you’re doing it with all the upcoming podcasts.

The ones I really found helpful but struggle with applying are as follows:

Ep 3: How To Set Goals
Ep 11: The Manual
Ep 12: Boundaries
Ep 27: Unconditional Love
Ep 28: How To Set Priorities
Ep 86: Do Goals
Ep 126: The Power of Planning
Ep 143: Anger
Ep 144: Forgiveness

Is there a way to incorporate doing deep study on any of these past episodes during SCS?

Thank you so much!